The cleanup and/or removal of mold from an indoor environment are known as mold remediation. A professional mold removal company comes in and makes a mold assessment by first identifying the extent and location of the mold hazard. Molds are present everywhere and are common in most workplace and household dust. They reproduce by spores, and when the spores are in large quantities, they become health problems to humans because they have the potential for causing respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Some molds pose serious health risks to both humans and animals when they produce a toxin called mycotoxins. High-level exposure to this toxic mold can lead to neurological problems and even death in some cases. Exposure to some molds can lead to symptoms such as:


Sinus and nasal congestion, runny nose, difficulty breathing, watery eyes, rash, eye irritations, sneezing, headache, throat irritation, cough, chest tightness and asthma.


It is very important to call on the help of mold remediation experts at the first notice of mold in either your workplace or home. This team of experts will first make an assessment to identify if you have mold present. They do this by visually examining your premises. If mold is visible and present, they will decide on the right remediation level that is necessary to solve your problem. They will provide non-intrusive methods to assess the odor causing and visible molds, however; there will be more intrusive method needed to indicate the true amount of mold contamination you have.


These mold removal experts may physically lift and move furniture, remove carpets, check in ventilation duct work, check behind paneling or wallpaper and more to determine your level of mold contamination. Their investigation will primarily focus on determining how to correct your moisture problem and removing it effectively and safely.


Your mold remediation specialist will solve your mold problem by stopping the mold source of moisture. They will then remove the mold. One of the benefits of using a professional mold removal company is that they will provide you with information on effective ways to prevent mold growth such as improved insulation, ventilation, heating, dry fog, and air conditioning. Through some advanced technologies available today, some mold remediation companies are able to fill your room with what is known as dry for in order to kill and stop mold growth.


If you are in need of mold remediation services, call a professional company as soon as possible to protect the ones around you. Waiting too long can cause property damage, but more importantly, can pose a serious health risk to you and others. Call and schedule a time for certified and trained experts in mold removal to come by your home or business and make a thorough evaluation of the premises.