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Mold can be dangerous if it is let to develop to higher levels. This is a type of fungus that is found in damp environment, whether indoors or outdoors. Mold removal and prevention has become a common concern for most homeowners as well as business owners. We are qualified experts in mold removal and remediation processes. One of the things that has made us become good at what we do is the fact that we understand that there are different types of mold. You cannot handle something that you do not understand.

Black Mold

Black mold is one of the most harmful types that you can have in your home. This type of mold has spores that are known to survive for long periods. Due to their stubbornness, it becomes quite a daunting task to remove this type of mold. This is also said to be one of the most dangerous types and unfortunately, it travels through air and you can hardly see. Humid areas seem to attract this type of mold.

    Where Does Mold Grow?

    High moisture, dampness and humidity are some of the factors that will create an ample environment for the mold to thrive. In most cases, the growth of mold will start in areas like behind tiles, wallpaper and paneling as well as inside crawl spaces and ducts. When this happens, the damage can be too much and this why mold removal is recommended as soon as possible to avert such hazards.

    There are some telltale signs that can indicate the presence of mold like blistering paint, cracks in tile, plaster crumbling and gaps in gouts among others. However, since some people cannot tell this easily, you should contact us to carry out mold inspection and testing.

    Dormant Mold

    There are some people who are convinced that they do not need to hire a professional for mold removal and choose DIY options. The unfortunate bit, is that in most cases, the mold will disappear for a while and recur in a short period. This is dormant mold and unless it is completely removed, it keeps coming back. As such, it is best to call us so that we get rid of this problem permanently.

    How Mold Spreads

    When you have mold in your home, it spreads quite fast and easy. After mold develops, it will take a few hours to spread to the other parts of the house and this can frustrate your lifestyle. Mold is usually airborne and as such, it ends up affecting your personal items as well as your building materials. Mold can actually make your home uninhabitable and this is why it is advisable to have the mold removed right away, by professionals.

    With all the different types of mold, the black mold seems to be the popular one in most buildings, and still the most harmful one. We are mold removal specialists and we will be happy to inspect, remove and remediate your home so as to make it mold free.